February 27, 2015

Soon, Almost Everyone Over the Age of 6 Will Have a Mobile Phone

While the concept of 6-year-olds texting one another from across the playground or placing calls from kindergarten cubbies may sound like a hilarious premise, it’s also a stunning inevitability of our burgeoning mobile age. The Swedish communications giant Ericsson has released a new mobility report claiming that, by the year 2020, 90 percent of the…

February 27, 2015

How to Build a Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile applications are no longer an option for small businesses–they’re a necessity. With over 60% of the Zimbabwean population having smart phones, and with people  spending more than 3 hours of their  productive day behind a mobile phone screen, the mobile phone and mobile apps are the new brand canvases. The fundamental appeal of branded, business-centric…

February 26, 2015

How to Get Users Hooked on Your Mobile App

A company launches a mobile app with a strong concept. They’ve built awareness and are beginning to see downloads increase. However, in gauging the success of an app, are downloads really a valuable metric? To the media, companies — large and small — tout their downloads as an indication of app value but this metric…