Web Development

Website Design & Development

website_developmentWebsite design and development needs to be both functional and exceptional. It needs to be both strategically sound and transcendentally magical. At boulder we are passionate about striking that delicate balance.

We review your competition’s websites. We analyze the market. We learn the target. We think about desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Then when all that is done, we deliver a website that is SEO-friendly and user-smooth. But more than that, we create a website that exudes your brand essence.

Our team of Web designers and information architects apply the principles of user experience design to deliver you the best possible site. One that makes your brand shine. We integrate our designs into your overall strategy for a comprehensive solution that can zig and zag with your brand’s ever-evolving challenges. It’s all about planning ahead. It’s all about passion.

Social Media Markerting (SMM)

The days of an advertising monologue are over. Today’s customer wants a two-way conversation. But for this to work, brands need to recognize that the customer isn’t just always right, they are calling the shots. Social Media Marketing (SMM) lets customers share their opinions, advocate their causes and review your services. It also is an effective tool that is helping companies build longer-lasting relationships with the customer. Not to mention, it increases website traffic and raises organic ranking. Seach Engine Optimisation Want to improve your ranking on Google® and other search engine? Boulder is the right place to get this. We can usher your brand up closer to the top with a little bit of know how and a whole lot of passion. We will design a program starting with geographic targeting, network targeting and keyword clusters that help define both campaigns and targets.

We target customers so that the ad content, keywords and landing pages work together. We know a smart campaign structure ensures that the keywords will drive traffic at the greatest ROI. SEO can give your brand new wings. We’ll help them flap. Email Marketing More and more snail-mail is being used less and less in B2B efforts. The e-blast is rapidly becoming the coin of the realm. But e-mail marketing is a science. Blast too often and you are banished to the junk-mail Siberia. Blast too infrequently and you lose the relationship. We can help you strike the right balance. Every e-mail blast we create is strategically sound, customer-centric, visually stimulating. The copy is bite-size and comes with a big hook that reels them into the splash page or website.