Mobile Services

Mobile Services

mobile_servicesThe world and certainly Zimbabwe have come a long way in terms of mobile phone development and mobile services. In Zimbabwe almost everyone has a mobile phone of one nature or the other, making the mobile phone the easiest and most direct medium of communication.

At Boulder Corp we have an arsenal of mobile solutions that make business communication with clients as simple as * #.

From smart phone applications to simple bulk sms system, we deliver services that are second to none in Zimbabwe. Our mobile services are cost effective and can be customised to suit any business size, but most importantly they help businesses much like yours reach out and communicate to its clients to achieve maximum return on your investment.

Mobile Application Development

In just the last year, the number of people accessing the internet via mobile phones has climbed from 820 000 to 1 350 000 in Zimbabwe alone. Mobile applications are the future, be it commerce, education, marketing or selling products at Boulder we have the passion to see this future in the present day.

We develop applications that function across all popular Smart Phone platforms and Tablet PC’s to ensure the application that we develop for you can be utilised by as many mobile phone users as possible.

Whether it’s a Smart Phone or Tablet PC we have the expertise to develop applications that will work on these mediums. If you are interested in having an application developed don’t hesitate come and see us we will develop one for you.

Mobile Text Message Services

SMS messaging is the most efficient and personal way to communicate today. Consider the following: It takes six seconds to deliver an average message, which is then read within the next five minutes by more than 90% of recipients. There are over 10 million mobile devices in Zimbabwe. Using this channel to reach potential and existing customers seems immediately obvious.

We offer Bulk SMS, which is solicited messaging to a group of mobile users. It’s most commonly used for marketing purposes. If you want to advertise a product, send out account notifications or party invitations, there really is no better way to do it.