Brand Identity

Corporate Brand Identity


We don’t design logos at Boulder. We design total brand identity systems. From the basic logo design to the brand palette to the brand architecture and final migration. The care is in the details and so are we. It’s that darn passion thing. Every brand identity system we launch is based on thorough strategic planning. Every corporate brand identity we develop understands who the target is and what the competition is up to. We do not pick up a pencil until we immerse ourselves in your brand.
Billboards and Banners

brand_identity_2Because we take branding seriously, we also take billboards, banners and signage marketing seriously. We jealously guard the brand idea from the tiniest matchbook to the biggest trade exhibit. We have created giant dioramas, portable pop-ups, splashy sales films, traffic-stopping trade booths, brochures, buttons, badges–the works. And we understand that sinage marketing begins with the literature: promo ads, web blurbs, e-blasts, brochures, direct mail and more.

All the pieces are tied to the brand look and strategy. Everything is cohesive. Like, we said, we’re passionate.