Television & Print

Television Advertising

televisionThe TV commercial is not dead. It lives on in branding efforts everywhere. But today, the TV spot is as likely to show up on your mobile phone as it is on the evening news. It is as likely to be downloaded on YouTube® as it is to be uploaded to the national station.

Boulder has a seasoned team with experience doing big-budget productions and small-budget extravaganzas. Our secret? We know that the main ingredient of an effective TV commercial is a simple idea. And that simple idea must always be built on a great strategy.

Print Media Advertising

print_paperWhen the original caveman scratched his first, crude hieroglyphic onto the wall of his cave, the print ad was born. And we have been perfecting the ad unit ever since. Every member of Boulder knows the art of bringing the page to life. From newspaper advertising to magazine advertising to business cards to billboards. We combine sound strategic thinking, clever copy and eye-popping visuals to transmit targeted, passionate messages to corporate, retail and B2B audiences.